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About Past Life Experiences

Participants in Wendy's past life experience find the process relaxing and refreshing, and often deeply healing and profound.  Contact Wendy now to schedule your experience.  

About Wendy Mader

Wendy is trained in Past-Life Regression by Brian L. Weiss, M.D - renowned Past Life expert and author of Many Lives, Many Masters of The Weiss Institute.   

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Contact Wendy with your questions and/or to schedule a session.  Allow her to help you access your past lives in a tranquil, relaxing setting.  Call 262-391-5423 or email

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About Wendy


"I embarked on my Past Life Regression path following a career in the corporate world, owning my own Executive Coaching consulting firm, raising my two children and caregiving for my then ill husband."

Her Background


My work is a blend of my international leadership background, education, life experiences, strengths and gifts and focuses on healing, support and love. 



To expand love and light within myself, then others; kindling the curiosity in them to do the same.




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Wendy works with clients individually and in groups, over the phone/ internet, 

and in  Bend, OR 

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Past Life Experience by Wendy

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